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Weird Popups?

Annoying pop-ups disrupting your online experience? Our Antivirus Protection sweeps away invasive ads and ensures your browsing is seamless and secure.

Device Really Slow?

Frustrated with a sluggish device? Our Antivirus Protection optimizes performance, removing hidden burdens that cause slowdowns. Enjoy a faster, smoother digital experience.

Access Bank Or Sensitive Info On Your Device?

Worried about your data? Our Antivirus Protection keeps your info safe, shielding bank details and personal data from cyber threats.

Why Us?

Our Customers Are Our Family.

We treat all of our customers like family.

When it comes to Antivirus Protection, rely on our dedicated team. Unlike big corporations, we prioritize your needs over profits, providing tailored solutions for you device.

Here at D Tech Clinic, we strive for your trust and satisfaction.

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Antivirus Protection & Removal

Have you observed a substantial decrease in your computer’s speed? Are you being bombarded by unwelcome advertisements and pop-ups disrupting your screen? Your computer might be contaminated with viruses. Our skilled technicians at D Tech Clinic possess the knowledge and tools required to restore cleanliness to your devices and restore smooth operation.

Here's How We Can Help

  • Diagnose

    We will diagnose any operating system issues and check for any malware and viruses.

  • Remove Viruses & Malware

    If your device is infected, we will remove any viruses and malware. We can also fix operating system errors, including blue screens and start-up issues.

  • Prevention

    To prevent any future infections, we will recommend solutions that will prevent the issue from reoccurring. We will also install any critical updates to your systems software.


Our Kind Reviews

15 reviews on
Javier Escobales
Javier Escobales
Best in the bay
Sam Wimshurst
Sam Wimshurst
I hired Richard to help improve my website's google ranking and I'm beyond happy with the results. He was very quick to respond to my questions and would take time to explain things. Would definitely reccommend!
Maxime Cabrera
Maxime Cabrera
Took 30 minutes to fix my iPhone 8 Plus, thank you! Edit: Just find out these guys do website and marketing campaigns for small businesses. I am starting out a business and recently got setup with a website and Google ad campaign and I got to say that It is definitely worth it with these guys! The website is beautiful and after a couple of months, I started to get local SEO organic traffic to my website + with the paid traffic: I'm getting more calls than I had before which is great. Thank you!
Alena H.
Alena H.
Best mobile phone repair company 24/7 in Tampa! My iPhone 11 had a cracked screen and damaged glass on the back. D Tech Clinic took care of all my problems on my phone and it is like new again! These guys are the best computer repair company near me for laptops, tablets and phones.
Dispatch Center
Dispatch Center
The service is the best, highly recommended! 👌
Shane Rodgers
Shane Rodgers
great service at the right price. very timely and professionally done!
Claudia lawson
Claudia lawson
Absolutely amazing customer service! Honest and extremely helpful! If I could give them 10 stars, I would!! I will always use them and never go anywhere else!!!
Maria Mendiola
Maria Mendiola
A couple months ago Richard repair 2 of my phones screens ,I was very pleased with the value, quality and quickness it was done. He charged me a very reasonable price ! I also have to say that Richard is a very polite and professional young man . I will definitely keep doing business with him and would recommend him to others 👌.
Raminta Brooks
Raminta Brooks
I needed dual screens done on my two monitors. I found this company on Offerup, communication, professionalism was on point and their service and fees are excellent. They know their stuff. In/out. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Two thumbs up!!

What Can We Help You With Today?

What Is Antivirus Protection?

Antivirus protection is a software solution designed to detect, prevent, and remove malicious software such as viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware from your devices and networks.

Is Antivirus Protection Necessary for My Devices?

Yes, antivirus protection is essential to safeguard your devices and sensitive data from cyber threats that can compromise your privacy and lead to financial losses.

Can I Have Multiple Antivirus Programs on One Device?

It’s not recommended to run multiple antivirus programs simultaneously, as they can conflict with each other and cause performance issues. Choose one reputable solution for optimal protection.

Can Antivirus Protection Prevent Phishing Attacks?

Yes, many antivirus solutions include anti-phishing features that identify and block phishing websites and emails, protecting you from falling victim to scams.