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Our diagnostic are 100% free, we will troubleshoot your device; software and hardware to see what is exactly wrong.

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Rest assured, we fully support our repairs by offering a warranties for laptop repairs.
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With 5+ years of experience, our certified techs combine expertise and professionalism. We diagnose and resolve issues, ensuring your laptop is in capable hands.

Laptop Repair in Ybor City

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Common Laptop Problems

  • Liquid Spill
  • keys or Trackpad Not Working
  • Not Turning On
  • Running Slow
  • Bad Logic Board
  • Cracked Screen
  • Blue Screen Errors

Common Laptop Replacements

  • Batteries
  • Screens
  • Keyboards
  • Hard Drives
  • Memory
  • Charging Adapters
  • Fans and Cooling System

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At D Tech Clinic, we’re your premier destination for all your laptop repair services in Ybor City, FL! Our skilled technicians specialize in a wide range of laptop repair services, ensuring that your device is up and running smoothly in no time.

We take pride in offering a warranty on all our repairs, providing you with the assurance that your beloved laptop is in capable hands. Visit our conveniently located store today and let us restore your computing experience to its optimal condition!

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Laptop Repair

Our Laptop Repair Services

Laptop Screen Repair

Whether your laptop screen is cracked, flickering, or displaying strange colors, our expert technicians can diagnose and repair the issue promptly. We use high-quality replacement screens to ensure clear and vibrant display quality.

Virus and Malware Removal

Don't let viruses and malware compromise your laptop's performance and security. Our skilled technicians employ advanced tools and techniques to thoroughly scan and remove malicious software, ensuring your system is clean and protected.

Hard Drive Upgrade

Running out of storage space? Upgrade your laptop's hard drive for increased storage capacity and improved performance. Our technicians can help you select the right hard drive for your needs and seamlessly transfer your data to the new drive.

Data Backup & Recovery

Safeguard your important files and documents with our data backup and recovery services. Whether you've accidentally deleted files or experienced a hard drive failure, we can help retrieve your valuable data and ensure it's securely backed up for future peace of mind.

Memory Upgrade

Boost your laptop's performance with a memory upgrade. Our technicians can assess your current memory configuration and recommend the right upgrades to enhance multitasking capabilities and overall speed.

OS Installation & Upgrade

Ensure your laptop is running the latest operating system with our OS installation and upgrade services. Whether you need to install a new OS from scratch or upgrade to the latest version, we'll handle the process efficiently and ensure compatibility with your hardware.

Laptop Motherboard Repair / Replacement

If your laptop is experiencing hardware issues like power failures or overheating, it could be due to a faulty motherboard. Our skilled technicians can diagnose and repair or replace the motherboard to get your laptop back up and running smoothly.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Sticky or unresponsive keys can hinder your productivity. Our keyboard replacement service offers a quick and effective solution to get your laptop typing like new again, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Laptop Cleaning / Fan Replacement

Over time, dust and debris can accumulate inside your laptop, leading to overheating and performance issues. Our cleaning and fan replacement service will remove any buildup and replace faulty fans, keeping your laptop running cool and quiet.

Laptop Battery Replacement

If your laptop battery is not holding a charge or is draining quickly, it may be time for a replacement. Our battery replacement service provides you with a fresh, long-lasting battery, allowing you to use your laptop without being tethered to a power outlet.

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How Long Does a Typical Laptop Repair Take?

Our typical laptop repair is efficiently completed within 1-2 hours, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine and prompt return of your device.

Do you offer on-site repairs in Gibsonton?

Yes, we do provide on-site repair services in Ybor City for certain types of issues. Please reach out to discuss your specific requirements and schedule an appointment for convenient on-site repairs.

Is There a Warranty on Your Repair Services?

Absolutely. We stand by the quality of our repair services and offer a comprehensive warranty on both parts and labor. This warranty ensures peace of mind, assuring you of our commitment to your satisfaction.

Do You Provide After-Service Support?

Yes, we are dedicated to providing exceptional after-service support. Our knowledgeable team is available to address any queries or concerns you may have after your laptop repair, ensuring your continued satisfaction with our services.